Podcasting Teaching Resource with Soundtrap in Canvas LMS

The sequence begins by asking students to consider the 'ways in which media can be produced' (VCAMAR046, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, 2018). The lesson is ambitious, but can be easily differentiated. Within the timeline activity, there is room to explore themes such as how media changes over time to more complex ideas such as media convergence.

Image via Pixabay

Image via Pixabay

In the second lesson, students are asked to evaluate a podcast which represents Indigenous Australian voices (VCAMAR046, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, 2018). The podcast 'Pretty for an Aboriginal' is the ideal springboard for discussions regarding media representation. The first reason why this podcast works well is because it is hosted by Indigenous Australians and although it has been sponsored by BuzzFeed (2017), it appears to be less influenced by the traditional media gatekeepers than other similar pieces of media content. The second reason relates to the content discussed in the podcast. The podcast leads with the question, 'have you ever been told that you are pretty for an Aboriginal?' This facilitates a space of candid sharing through first person stories, a technique which can have a powerful impact upon learning (Egan, 2010).

The lessons then return to focus on media production skills, in line with the Victorian Curriculum (VCAMAM042, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, 2018). To equip students with the tools needed to think creatively, I chose to incorporate Osborn's method of brainstorming into S5 of the lesson sequence (Isaksen & Gaulin, 2005). In my media reflection piece, I discussed the importance of this tool and I am glad I was able to apply it to this lesson sequence

Finally, the students are asked to reflect upon their podcast creations, and the podcasts of other groups. This is an important part of the curriculum, because it helps students to use language appropriate to the discipline and encourages higher order thinking (VCAMAR045, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, 2018). 

Designing the lesson in CanvasLMS

Based upon my research into LMS and Lesson Plan platforms, I decided to build this lesson sequence in CanvasLMS. I recently attended a professional development day at Methodist Ladies College, where teachers spoke about their experience with the online learning management system. I am convinced that it is future-proofed - for now, and that building resources in this system will assist me in gaining professional experience.

Accessing the lessons

Click here to access the unit through Canvas LMS. You will need to logon to access this free lesson sequence.

What’s Included


  • Rationale and Resources

  • S1. The Beginnings of Podcasts

  • S2. Decentralising Indigenous Australian Representation through Podcasts

  • S3. Which microphone should I use?

  • S4. Record To A Brief

  • S5. This Is How You Brainstorm

  • S6. Podcast Production: Record Vox Pops

  • S7. Podcast Production: Record Your Intro

  • S8. Podcast Production: Recording Foley Art

  • S9. Workshop: In class editing

  • S10. Using Media Language: Peer Reflections In Class Activity


  • Assignment 1: Record To A Brief

  • Assignment 2: Podcast Submission

  • Assignment 3: Peer Reflections

  • Hurdle: Installation of Audio Editing Software on BYODs [Audacity + Garage Band Stream Only]

  • Hurdle: Pick your topic